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Big sweaters, hot chocolate & candles kinda weather

Cosy sweaters are back, candles can be lit, it does make this kinda weather nice and cozy don’t you think? In the fall and winter we quickly eat heavier meals. To ensure that you don’t put on some extra winter kilo’s we went into the kitchen to show you that meals with a high comfort level can also be healthy. We listed our ten favorites for you:

1. Italian Comfort

For us, lasagne or cannelloni is real comfort food, perfect for cold winter weather. Traditional cannelloni recipes use a lot of cheese and the tubes are filled with ricotta cheese. What do you do when you want a plant-based version without cheese but with the same comfort level? Not that difficult at all, because you can very well make a substance with nuts (and tofu) that comes pretty close to the dairy version. See the result here! Vegan Cannelloni.

2. Breakfast Goodness

Sweet Potato Breakfast.

Because why did you think sweet potato only belongs to savory dishes later in the day? This powerhouse of vitamin A and slow healthy carbohydrates is perfect for a sweet filling breakfast. Or make it into a (post-workout) snack! The sweet potato and banana slowly release energy into the cells. Tahin and hemp seeds provide an enormous amount of minerals, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. Two tablespoons of hemp seeds already contain 11 grams of protein! Oh and the blueberries are your antioxidant boost, delicious!

3. Old Fashion Comfort

Vegan Glutenfree Applepie. Our ultimate comfort food! In her childhood, Tessa spent many Sundays baking apple pie with her father. (Home-baked) apple pie is still a favorite and one of the few exceptions we might make when it is not entirely plant-based. But of course you can also make a really good vegan version of an apple pie! Another challenge is added: gluten-free. And well, preferably even a little bit healthy without refined sugars and stuff. Look no further, we have it here!

4. Guiltfree Comfort

Chocolate Bananabread. You may already have your favorite (standard) banana bread recipe in your repertoire, but we have a double chocolate, banana chip version for you! Without refined sugars, without added oil, completely gluten-free and naturally vegan. Creamy, chocolaty and also guilt-free. Can’t get any better right?

5. Rich & Creamy

Plant-based lasagna baby, what else do you want? Gluten-free, vegan comfort food. Creamy, filling and yet easily digestible with the right food combinations. Creamy Butternut Lasagna.

6. Vegan Creaminess

Comfort food without an after dinner dip The traditional pasta carbonara, but a healthier version packed with minerals! We know you’re going to love us. Pasta with cream, cheese and bacon … pasta carbonara! Almost addictively tasty, but we would rather not have that after dinner dip. The traditional version is very fat and a calorie bomb that can fall heavily on the stomach. All your (beauty) energy goes directly to the digestion of the pasta, a shame! It is about time that we created a plant-based and healthier version. Just as creamy and salty with vegan Parmesan and seaweed bacon. But without energy dip or bloating after eating. In fact, this will make your body very happy! Vegan Pasta ”Carbonara”.

7. Chocolate Everything

Shortbread Heaven. A snack that makes everybody happy! Getting hungry just by looking at this photo? (We can hardly imagine you don’t). And if not, I am sure you will after reading the ingredients. Did someone say maple syrup, dates and almond paste? Yep, Shortbread Heaven is really heaven for the sweet tooths among us. Make a lot of them right away and keep them in the fridge. Or share… We use chickpeas in the dough. They give the dough a cookie dough-like taste and smoothness. At the same time they provide extra proteins in this recipe and you also have all the good nutrients from legumes again.

8. Comfort Anytime

Healthy Berry Crumble. Too easy and too good. Forget the loads of butter and sugar that often goes through a crumble. Fruit is already sweet enough of itself and in the way that we make it here, this really becomes a healthy moment of pampering. So healthy that it could also be a good breakfast. Add green smoothie and your Sunday brunch is complete!

9. Fast Comfort

1-minute Healthy Chocolatemousse. Super fast, easy and delicious. You really only need one minute for this chocolate mousse. Provided you have a good blender of course. The more powerful your blender, the lighter and smoother the texture of your chocolate mousse. Put it in the fridge for a while (if you manage not to eat it immediately) then it becomes even more robust. The chocolate mousse is made from silken tofu, therefore it is low in calories and high in valuable proteins! So put it on your list for tasty guilt-free & post-workout treat. You can find silken tofu in an organic store.

10. Cheesy Comfort

Mac ‘n Cheese filled Pumpkin. The ultimate comfort food. Pumpkin roasted in the oven, just for fun we hollow it out and serve the mac ‘n cheese pasta in it. We make a delicious creamy vegan cheesy sauce from the pumpkin. Let’s start! This recipe is from the Your 50 Days of Green Happiness winterbook. We have made this book to give you a handbook and useful tools to get you off to a healthy start with a plant-based lifestyle. All recipes are carefully composed to provide your body with the most nutrients. We explain which vitamins you should pay attention to, how you calculate your personal energy needs and adjust recipes accordingly. And we have 50 complete daily menus for you including shopping lists!

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