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10x Vegan Christmas brunch

The best recipes for your Christmas breakfast. Savory, sweet, a cake, a Christmas bread and scones. But also a green smoothie, fresh tea with vanilla and golden milk. This Christmas cannot go wrong! Vegan, gluten-free and without refined sugars.

Still need recipe inspiration for your Christmas dinner? Check our various Christmas menus including shopping list and menu cards that you can print and put on the table. From vegan comfort or super deluxe to kidsproof and low budget. And at the same time you also support a good cause. Win win 🙂 The Green Happiness Christmasmenu’s.

#1 Fruiy Vegan Cake

Isn’t this cake wonderful for the Christmas table? The traditional heavy cake with pieces of sucade that was served in our family at Christmas was never such a favorite with us. But we find it very difficult to stay away from this light, fruity variant with pieces of chocolate (surprise on the inside!). You see, it was very annoying to have to test it a few times here at the office … Gluten-free and cruelty-free, a party on the table!

Fruity Vegan Cake

#2 Vegan Scramble

No eggs are needed for this recipe, we make tofu scramble. Tofu !? Yup, believe us, this will be incredibly tasty. And the nice thing is that you bypass the (saturated) fats and cholesterol from eggs, while still receiving a good dose of essential amino acids (proteins). Tofu, together with the greens, is also easier to digest, so your body can save energy for a productive morning. If you have time to prepare the tofu one evening in advance, do so! Then the flavors become even more intense.

Vegan Scrambled ”eggs”

#3 Vegan Blueberry Scones

Light scones with a soft coconut flavor, fresh blueberries and rosemary. A party to start the day with. We have now put blueberries through the scones, but other fruit is also possible, of course raspberries or blackberries. Spread some pure fruit spread and some (coconut) yogurt for a healthy variation on the traditional scones.

Vegan Blueberry Scones

#4 Persimmon Breakfast cakes

Christmas remains a festive affair so cake on the table should not be missing! These persimmon breakfast cake can prove that cake can be a healthy breakfast! Oatmeal, yogurt & fruit, that’s all it really is. The vanilla yogurt in combination with the warm persiommon gives these tarts a sweet autumnal touch. And the smell of baked oatmeal fills the entire kitchen when the pie bottoms are in the oven. Not that much time? You don’t have to bake the bottom of cakes (saving time) and baking the persimmon is nice, but not necessary. So with some minor adjustments you have a cake in front of you within fifteen minutes.

Persimmon Breakfast Cakes

#5 Holiday bread with apple

Easter bread, Christmas bread, whatever you want to call it, it remains a celebration this bread! And at Christmas, such a bread should not be missing. This variant is vegan, gluten-free and without refined sugars.

Easterbread with apple

#6 Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

After Christmas dinner (and maybe all the glasses of alcohol …) replenish your body with lots of minerals. One of the nicest ways to do this and to support your liver in disposing waste is through drinking a green smoothie. Matcha is a green tea where you not only let the tea leaves be pulled, but the tea leaves are dried and crushed. From the powder that you get, you make a tea, latte or, for example, this smoothie. That way you get even more antioxidants and it gives you a healthy energy boost.

Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

#7 Gluten-free Cinnamonbuns

The classic, but a bit healthier and completely plant-based. The perfect treat for your Christmas brunch and if you have enough left overs, you can eat this during the week. The cashew glaze makes these buns a sweet treat. If you want to keep it simpler, you can also use some almond yogurt instead. And do you have frosting left? Add some extra water, blend briefly and you have a delicious cashew milk that you can use with smoothies, oatmeal or warm up and drink as (chai) latte.

Gluten-free Cinnamonbuns

#8 Vegan Filled ”eggs”

Roasted potatoes with bean filling. That is how we actually should call this recipe. But that sounds much less fun and recognizable than stuffed eggs, right? For the Christmas brunch we wanted to put a recipe on the table that could replace the stuffed eggs with a traditional brunch. This has become the result! We are very satisfied ourselves. The potatoes taste incredibly tasty (much tastier than eggs ) and they are super nice on the Christmas table!

Vegan filled eggs

#9 Golden Milk

Ayurveda in a hip mug. Something different than a cup of coffee with breakfast. Golden Milk is originally an Indian drink, once conceived by a yoga instructor. The drink has been used in medicine for centuries because of the powerful effect of turmeric. Read more about the special properties of turmeric read in this article.

Golden Milk

# 10 Gingertea with lemon and fresh thyme

Even the tea may of course be that little bit more special. Immediately make a large pot or a nice glass for everyone. This combination of lemon, fresh thyme, ginger and vanilla is warming, spicy and yet fresh! Once you’ve tasted the tea you don’t want anything else! Okay, it’s a bit more work than just dipping a tea bag in the water. So make a whole pot in once or simply pour a second (and third) time hot water into your cup.

Gingertea with lemon and fresh thyme

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