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Low energy, poor concentration; do you have a vitamin B12 deficiency?

A deficiency takes years

But you deplete your vitamin B12 storage in so many different ways, for example by drinking alcohol. Even if your intake is sufficient, the conversion and absorption of it can still be far from optimal. Complaints with a low vitamin B12 content are often very vague, but the damage caused by a deficiency (such as nerve damage) can be serious and irreversible. So let’s check this one out!

What does vitamin B12?

  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Ensures optimal functioning of the nervous system
  • Good for the state of mind
  • Supports the immune system and ensures good immunity
  • Good for memory
  • Good for the energy levels
  • Good for learning performance and the ability to concentrate

Test to be sure

By doing a blood test (via the doctor or via you can easily find out what your vitamin B12 status is. People over 50 years old and herbivores (vegetarians and vegans) are advised to always supplement vitamin B12. A blood test can then be a check whether the form of supplementation has the desired effect and whether the dosage is sufficient.

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Different ways of supplementing

You have different types of vitamin B12 supplementation. There are tablets, ones you suck at, injections and also a nasal spray. The natural form of vitamin B12 (as it occurs in nature) is hydroxocobalamin.

Supplementing via a tablet is not always ideal because the intake of B12 is influenced by, among other things, a protein (called intrinsic factor) in the gastrointestinal tract and the ability of the intestinal wall to absorb the vitamin. Without intrinsic factor, vitamin B12 cannot be absorbed into the blood, which is crucial. One of the main causes of a deficiency is the reduced uptake through the stomach and intestines, which is a major problem especially in the elderly, but also in a large number of young people. That is why, among others, people aged 50+ fall into the risk group.

We use the vitamin B12 nasal spray ourselves and also recommend this to our clients. This is not a nasal spray for colds and it is definitely not addictive. The nasal mucosa is a very well circulated surface through where substances can be absorbed quickly and efficiently and then spread through the whole body through the blood. This is how you bypass the gastrointestinal tract. Once a week is enough for an average person to maintain the vitamin B12 level, but you can safely use the nasal spray daily. Too much is safely excreted in the urine through the body, so it doesn’t harm.

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