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Without exaggerating, this is it. And no matter how exotic it may seem, we know for sure that you’ve already eaten it once (or at least you know about it). You don’t have to go to special health food stores and even Ariel the mermaid was a fan. What are we talking about? Seaweed!

You may know that seaweed is a good source of iodine. Great if, for example, you started eating less bread (bread is one of the largest sources of iodine in the Dutch diet due to the added iodine salt). But through seaweed you get even more essential nutrients and minerals.

What do you get?

  • Omega 3-vetzuren: waar denk je dat vissen hun omega vetzuren vandaan halen? Juist, algen! Voor de voordelen van deze essentiële vetzuren kun je dus rechtstreeks naar de bron door meer zeewier te eten.
  • Vezels: zoals elke groenten zitten ook groenten uit de zee vol vezels. Die vezels zijn niet alleen jouw beauty tool om verzadigd te raken, maar ook om afvalstoffen veilig af te voeren!
  • Calcium, magnesium, ijzer: de beautymineralen die je lichaam niet alleen nodig heeft voor sterke botten, maar ook voor een krachtige bos haren, stralende huid en sterke nagels.
  • Vitamine B12: what?? Ja echt, via het eten van dulse (I Sea Bacon) krijg je vitamine B12 binnen. 0,6 mcg per 100 gram. Ook via het eten van chlorella kun je iets van vitamine B12 binnenkrijgen. Of alles vervolgens ook wordt opgenomen is (nog) niets bekend, maar een leuk weetje voor de planteneters onder ons is het natuurlijk wel!
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: where do you think fish get their omega fatty acids? Algae! To benefit from these essential fatty acids you can go straight to the source by eating more seaweed.
  • Fiber: like any vegetables, vegetables from the sea are full of fiber. These fibers are not only your beauty tool to feel saturated, but also to safely remove waste!
  • Calcium, magnesium, iron: the beauty minerals that your body needs not only for strong bones, but also for a strong bouncy hair, glowing skin and strong nails.
  • Vitamin B12: what ?? Yes, really, by eating dulse you get vitamin B12. 0.6 mcg per 100 grams. You can also get a little vitamin B12 from eating chlorella. Whether everything is absorbed proparly is not (yet) known, but it is of course a nice fact for the herbivores among us!

And this is just a tiny bit from the long range of vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances that you will find in these superfoods.

What types do you have and what can you use them for?

  • Nori: you know this one from sushi. You can use it to make sushi rolls, but shredding the leaves and mixing them in a salad is also very tasty. Or roast some trays with a little sea salt or herbs in the oven for healthy superfood chips!
  • Wakame: you may know the seaweed salad that you can order in many Thai (and sushi) restaurants. Rinse well before you prepare and then you can use it in a soup or make delicious (raw) salads.
  • Dulse: we mainly know the brand I Sea Bacon. Bake briefly and then use as a salty (bacon-like) topping over burgers, salad, soups, pasta or stews.
  • Kelp: maybe you know kelp from the glassy kelp noodles that you can use as spaghetti. Kelp is one of the biggest sources of iodine. So don’t eat lots of kelp every day, then your thyroid must work really hard to get rid of the excess iodine.
  • Seaweed spaghetti: super tasty as a substitute for Italian (wheat) spaghetti! But you can also process the sea spaghetti in a curry or, as we did in this recipe, process it into a burger!
  • Kombu: the tip we know kombu from; cook a strip when you cook legumes. The kombu helps to largely digest the enzymes that cause gas formation. After use, throw the strip away and scoop the foam out of the pan while boiling your beans.
  • Seacoral or sea lettuce: these two you see a lot at the fishmarket. Delicious with a salad or with your hot meal! Just check the ingredients list, sometimes (unnecessary) sugar or another ingredient is added that you are not waiting for.
  • Chlorella and spirulina: available in powder and tablets. These are super powerful cleansers for the body. Both are quite strong in taste, so be careful when you add it to your meal! A small teaspoon of spirulina through your smoothie gives it a fairy-tale blue color and a teaspoon of chlorella through your (avocado) dressing gives it just a little more salty spirit.

What makes seaweed detox proof?

Algae and seaweed have the property that they bind to heavy metals and then help to dispose them safely. It is not without reason that during a detox it is often advised to use chlorella or spirulina. And after you have just read how many minerals you will find in these superfoods, you will understand why in The Green Happiness Detox Book you can find several dishes that contain seaweed!

Fun fact: seaweed is also very sustainable. It comes straight from the sea and is only dried. It does not have to be cultivated and no pesticides are required. Of course, check where your seaweed comes from. At SeaMore for example, you can see that they only harvest 15% from the sea per location, which gives the seaweed the chance to grow again.

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